25 de jul. de 2012

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart - The Veronicas
I’m gonna hold you for the last time
I’m gonna cry but afraid not to let it show
This is the hardest way to say goodbye
‘Cause as you walk away I’m feeling so alone
I don’t understand
You had to leave and I’m not part of your plan
We both agreed but now I regret
There are so many things I should have said

But now I’ve let you go
I’m holding back the tears
I’m here alone
Forgetting all the years
And now there’s nothing I can do to bring you back to me
So we live our different livesIt’s so hard and there’s no more you and I But we’re worlds apart

Sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep at night
Sometimes I think about the way it could’ve been
I see you everytime I close my eyes
I try to shut you out
Instead I let you in

I can’t pretend
I wanted it to end
For you and me What I’d give for one more day
Just to say the things I need to say
If only
Time was not erased
So we live our different lives
It’s so hard and there’s no more you and I
And I’m missing you tonight
But we’re worlds apart

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