30 de out. de 2012

You leave me breathless

Feels like I have always known you
And I swear I dreamt about you
All those endless nights I was alone
It's like I've spent forever searching
Now I know that it was worth it
With you it feels like I am finally homeFalling head over heels

Thought I knew how it feels
But with you it's like the first day of my life

Cause you leave me speechless when you talk to me
You leave me breathless the way you look at me
You manage to disarm me, my soul is shining through
Can't help but surrender my everything to you

I thought I could resist you
I thought that I was strong
Somehow you were different from what I've known
I didn't see you coming
You took me by surprise and
You stole my heart before I could say no

You leave me speechless (the way you smile, the way you touch my face)
You leave me breathless (it's something that you do I can't explain)
I run a million miles just to hear you say my name

I can't help but surrender my everything to you

- The Veronicas

3 comentários:

  1. Adorei!! E Blair e Chuck são um dos meus casais favoritos!!


  2. Ameei!

    Flor conheci seu blog, através de outro, e estou seguindo aqui com certeza!

    Se puder RETRIBUIR! ;)

    Beijinho tah*



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